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Dog Accommodation

We have 15 dog kennels and can house up to three dogs in each kennel (dogs must be from the same family).

Dogs have a roomy kennel, consisting of an inside sleeping compartment, which is heated and sound proofed, and a large, fully covered exercise area. All accommodation looks out onto a landscaped garden area.

Cats Accommodation

We have 8 cattery units and can house up to three cats in each unit (cats must be from the same family).

Cats have a roomy sleeping compartment which is heated. They also have access to an exercise run which is fully covered and situated so as to make the most of the afternoon sun whilst remaining sheltered. The outlook is onto a landscaped garden.


Most quality brands of pet foods are available in New Zealand. We offer the full Eukanuba and Iams range of cat and dog food. Alternative brands of food can be supplied by the owner or we can order these in at the owners expense. Tinned pet foods will also be available. If your pet has special dietary needs please be sure to inform us prior to your pets arrival. Wherever possible special requests will be met. There will be a surcharge for special diets (i.e. chicken, mince etc.).

Veterinary Care

We have private veterinary surgeons on call 24 hours a day. If your pet shows any signs of illness during his / her stay we will access veterinary attention immediately. We will do all we can within MAF guidelines to ensure that your pet receives the best attention available. Every effort will be made to contact the owner regarding veterinary treatment.

Dog Grooming

At Canterbury Quarantine your dog will be bathed and brushed by our staff on a regular basis. He will also be bathed before he is due to go home at the end of quarantine. You are also welcome to groom your pets when you visit if you wish to. Due to the strict MAF guidelines we are not able to offer a specialised grooming or clipping service as equipment from outside grooming companies cannot be used on pets in quarantine. We suggest that should your dog require clipping that this be done just prior to export, especially if they are due to arrive during the summer months.


Visiting of pets is encouraged by arrangement. All owners / visitors are required by MAF to sign a visitors book. To meet strict MAF regulations there are a number of restrictions which must be observed. These will be explained to you on your arrival at the Canterbury Quarantine Facility.

Import Licence & Customs Clearance

We will guide you along the import process. We will send you out a check list for documentation and Import regulations. We will also arrange customs clearance for you. We will send you out the relevant forms together with your booking confirmation when you make a booking with us. It is important that all correspondence is read carefully so that we receive all documentation back in good time to arrange pre arrival customs clearance and avoid any delays at the airport.

Visiting is by appointment only at the following times:
  10:00 am - 12:00 noon   (Monday - Saturday)
  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm   (Saturdays only)

Please call 03 3181279 to make an appointment
to visit your pet.

Client Feedback:
"Thankyou so much for looking after us all so well. We all liked staying with you & hope that you will look after our other brother and sister so well when they arrive!"
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