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Dog Accommodation

Canterbury Quarantine Services has 15 dog kennels and can house up to three dogs in each kennel where the dogs are from the same family.

The roomy kennels each have an inside heated and sound proofed sleeping compartment and a large, fully covered exercise area. All accommodation looks out onto a landscaped garden area.

Cats’ Accommodation

Canterbury Quarantine Services has 8 cattery units and can house up to three cats in each unit where the cats are from the same family.

Cats have a roomy, heated sleeping compartment and access to a fully covered, sheltered exercise run situated so as to make the most of the afternoon sun. The outlook is onto a landscaped garden.


We offer the full Black Hawk range of cat and dog foods, and Chunky dog roll ( for dogs.

Most quality brands of pet foods are available in New Zealand and we can order these in at the owners expense. Alternative brands of food can be supplied by the owner and tinned pet foods will also be available.

If your pet has special dietary needs please be sure to inform us before your pets arrival. Wherever possible special requests will be met. Special diets will be surcharged, e.g. chicken, mince etc.

Dog Grooming

At Canterbury Quarantine Services your dog will be brushed by our staff on a regular basis. If needed your dog will be bathed shortly after arriving and if time/weather allows they will also be bathed before they are due to go home at the end of quarantine. You are also welcome to groom your pets when you visit if you wish.

Due to the strict MPI guidelines, equipment from outside grooming companies cannot be used on pets in quarantine, so we are not able to offer a specialised grooming or clipping service. We suggest that should your dog require clipping that this be done just prior to export. Especially if they are due to arrive during the summer months.


In the interests of your pets wellbeing and biosecurity risks we recommend not visiting. Pets seem to settle more easily and get into good routines without the distractions of visitors. Also it is very hard for them to understand why they are being left behind when you leave.

There are a number of strict biosecurity regulations which must be observed if you choose to visit:

  • All owners and/or visitors are required by MPI to sign a visitors book.
  • Full coveralls and booties must be worn, these will be supplied by CQS.
  • Maximum 2 visitors per pet and sorry no children under 12 years of age permitted.
  • Thoroughly wash hands upon leaving.

If these regulations are not adhered to staff have the right to refuse visitation.

Visiting is by appointment at the following times:

  • 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
    (Monday – Saturday)
  • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    (Saturdays only)
  • We are closed on public holidays

Please call ++64 3 3181279 to make an appointment to visit your pet.

Onward Travel Information

All pets are able to quarantine in Christchurch regardless of which city they first arrive at in New Zealand and the airline they fly to New Zealand on. Please contact us if you need any assistance with this.

We are happy to assist with onward shipment of your pet within New Zealand. Quotations available on request.  If you are planning on flying your pet within NZ please ensure that their crate is an approved crate in accordance with IATA standards and Air New Zealand.  The following links will help with this:

Dental Care

Please ask your vet to check your pet’s teeth and gums at the first veterinary check up. If the teeth need scaling or there is any signs of gingivitis then please have this treated prior to the arrival of your pet.


Once your pet is in quarantine they can continue to stay on after their 10 days which can be useful while you are looking for somewhere to stay. Unfortunately we cannot take outside pets in for general boarding.

Veterinary Care

Canterbury Quarantine Services’ private veterinary surgeons are on call 24 hours a day. If your pet shows any signs of illness during their stay, we will access veterinary attention immediately. We will do all we can within Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) guidelines to ensure that your pet receives the best attention available. Every effort will be made to contact the owner regarding veterinary treatment.